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Always keep an eye on your watch during the examination. Skip difficult/time consuming questions in the first read to save time.

  How to UseFrequently Asked Questions    

Steps to be followed to access the system.

1. The first step is to create an account from the home page using Sign up New User link

2. For creating a new account you need to give a valid email id and other details

3. Login to the system using your UserId, Password at 'Home' page and your name would be displayed on the top right corner of the page

4. Click the available questions link on the home page. You will be taken to the page containing the details of the exams. You can click at the exam which will take you to the questions.

5. The number of questions available under each subject is mentioned as questions count.

6. If exams are listed free all the content is available free. You can create mock tests straight away on free exams

7. If the exams are not listed as free, it carries a subscription amount. If you wish to subscribe to the exams you can click the SHOP button or subscribe button which will take you to the payment page. With out subscription amount, you can still access 5 questions a day free of cost.

8. Payment can be made through credit cards, debit cards, internet banking etc.

9. Once the payment is made you will have ready access to the questions area.

10. On the 'Exam' page you can create mock tests. The maximum number of questions allowed for each exam is 100. You can create any number of tests and practice

11. If you wish to filter the number of questions and practice selectively, you can retrieve questions by selecting areas and using other parameters. You need to Click on Get Question Count button to see the number of questions available for each area and for each filter.

12. You need to fill the number of questions required box to chose the number of questions. The maximum number of questions allowed at a time is limited to 100 for convenience.

13. If you wish to practice the exams with timers, a timer option is given on the right side of the 'Exam Centre' page

14. After Answering the Questions press the submit button (submit buttons are provided at top and bottom of 'Exam Centre' page)

15. Once the Answers are submitted, a 'Result' link would appear

16. Click on the 'Result' link to see the marks scored and the Area Wise breakups

17. The exam results are stored throughout the subscription period in respect of subscribed exams. In respect of free exams the results are cleared periodically.

Hope you are clear about the steps to exam preparation. You can practice any number of times. The more you practice, the more confident you become to face the examination. We wish you good luck!!!

We appriciate your queries/suggestions/feedback, please mail us at notifier@way2exams.com or submit at 'Enquiry/Feedback' page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I buy questions, Can I expect study materials in CD/Hard copies to my home address?
ans) No. way2exams are designed to use its contents "online" only.

2. Though one of the exams that I bought has 400+ questions, I can create mock exams with only 100 questions, why? Also the questions were repeating when I create aditional mock tests. Why?
ans) way2exams has designed its 'Examination Center' page to have maximum 100 questions, but the questions can be chosen by using appropriate filters while creating the mock tests. for eg: Use a Competency Level : Beginner/Intermediate/Expert, Select different Areas, Filtered by : Not Answered/Not & Incorrectly Answered/InCorrectly Answered etc. can be set to pull the right set of questions for your mock tests.

3. Why am I not able to take Printouts/Save the web page (even if I buy the exams)?
ans) way2exams.com, by its design wants you to write as many mock exams as you can and thus learn the subject. After each test, analyse your answers with the detailed explanation will make your understandings clear. Taking printouts and reading it later would be like refering a question bank and we would like you, not to get into that mode.

4. Though I bought the exams, I cannot see them in the subscribed exams list, why?
ans) Most of the cases, the purchased exams are displayed with Subscribed exams section right away. However there are instances where the payment gateway will not return us the status ontime and hence you may have to wait for 12-24 hours to activate your exams.

5. I cannot see the free exams link with 'Your Mock Tests' page, which I've created in the past, why?
ans) Way2exams sometimes cleanup its database by removing free exams created by users. Usually users wont be able to see exams that are created prior to 3 months from the current date.

6. Why should I get repeated questions?
ans) We have noticed that, when you select 'areas' from 'Create your Mock Tests' page and did not click on 'Apply Filters', there are chances that you may get repeated questions.

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